The Best PowerPoint Designs For Awesome Presentations

2 min readJan 10, 2018

You’ve been asked to create a PowerPoint presentation. You’re pumped up, this is your time to shine. Above that, you know you can do this, you’re born ready. The voice inside you tells you that you’re capable creating the best PowerPoint designs if you really put your mind to it. You got the confidence to present in front of people. You crack your fingers, stretch your arms, flex your neck, and you’re now ready to face your computer.

Then you’re hit with a realization:

What theme should you choose to complement your presentation? You have the materials needed, but do you have the proper medium to make sure your presentation and your creativity are highlighted?

To some, customization is a wonderful thing since you have the freedom to modify an existing template into something that’s entirely your own. However, some people think that too much freedom is a challenge. Maybe because there are a lot of choices out there, or maybe because they don’t know what to do or where to start. Who knows? Nevertheless, this article will help you narrow your options and nail that PowerPoint presentation.

Stay Away From Default PowerPoint Templates

The templates that are shipped with the PowerPoint software aren’t visually appealing (only Microsoft will say that they make the best PowerPoint designs). You don’t want to be ridiculed by your audience simply because you chose an old template that’s been used in millions of presentations over the years!

There’s a lot of options if you just do a simple search on Google. And I am here to help you narrow down your options. Technically, it’s up to you how you’ll use a theme, but I’d like to present you different options that you can choose from. The best part is that most of my recommended options can be downloaded for free.

Let’s begin!

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